• Mount your smoke alarm easily with these innovative 3M self-adhesive magnetic disc pads.
  • Smoke alarms can be installed onto the ceiling without the use of tooling!
  • No risk of damaging cables hidden in the ceiling cavity.
  • Compatible with our ANKA smoke alarm range and Red wireless R10RF model.


MOUNT WITHOUT DRILLING: These 3M self-adhesive magnetic disc pads replace the need to drill into the ceiling to attach your smoke alarms. The disc pad is self-adhesive on one side, magnetic on the other. Perfect for apartments or homes with solid concrete ceilings. No balancing on a ladder whilst operating a power drill, no sweat, dust or grime. So easy and convenient!

EASY MOUNTING: The attachment of the easy mounting kit is a 1-minute install process, completely without tools. Simply peel off the adhesive film, affix the magnetic disc pad to the ceiling and press down with light pressure for 10 seconds.

SECURE HOLD: The self-adhesive surface and magnetic attachments offer an extra strong hold. Once mounted, the smoke alarm mounting plate will not come loose. The smoke alarm itself can still be removed as needed for inspection or cleaning purposes, and then placed back up on the ceiling.


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