1. Wireless  Australian Standard – AS 3786 2014 Compliant Smoke Alarms
  2. Fully compliant with new 2022 QLD Legistration – Certificate of compliance issued
  3. Free remotes controller testing and fault finding (it also allows occupants to silence false alarms)
  4. 2 year warranty as all units
  5. Free replacement of any defective alarm (excluding deliberate damage) within warranty period
  6. 10 year battery life (sealed battery units)
  7. Prompt and efficient installation after order placement.
  8. ABN Registered Gold Coast Company.

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A wireless interconnected fire alarm smoke alarm is compatible with other detectors (CO, Remote controller, Wifi interconnected smoke alarm)wireless-enabled alarms in your home to create a wireless safety network

Up to 20~50 compatible interconnected smoke alarms can communicate with each other and alert you when there is a problem across the house even in a different room or on a different floor.

8dB sound, DC3V lithium battery-powered with 10 years of battery life, One goes all go wireless interconnected smoke alarms.

With CE EN14604 certification for the European market and AS3786 for the Australian market.