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Our Range of Interconnected Smoke alarms

  • RF433mhz Wireless Interconnected
  • 10 Years battery lifespan
  • DC3Volt Lithium battery
  • CE EN14604/AS3786 ROSH listed
  • Big Test and Silence button
  • Wireless remote controller optional.
  • WIFI SMART version available
  • 2 year warranty
  • 60 days money back
  • Promt shipping

AJ-760 Wireless Interconnected smoke alarm

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AJ-761 Wireless Interlinked smoke alarm

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AJ-762 Wireless Interconnected smoke alarm

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AJ-763 Wireless Interconnected smoke alarm

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AJ-765 WIFI Interconnected smoke alarm


AJ-765 Wireless Interconnected smoke alarm

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AJ-R106 Wireless Interconnected Remote Controller


Drill free easy mounting kit x 10 pack


Drill free easy mounting kit x 5 Pack


Emerald Controller


Emerald Ranger


Emerald Vulcan


Comparison of features between other brands and county of origin

  • Up to 20~50 compatible alarms can communicate with each other and alert you when there is a problem across the house even in a different room or on a different floor.
  • A loud 85-decibel siren is designed to wake even the soundest sleepers.
  • When one alarm detects smoke, all the interconnected smoke detectors will  go off, providing you and your family with sufficient time to evacuate the building..
  • APP notification optional via your smart phone if you are connected  via a wifi interconnected version in the group.24h received test&alarm App notification push, even away from home.
  • In one group, you can just have one or two pieces of wifi interconnected smoke alarm, others can be just normal RF interconnected. so when one detector triggered others will be sound and the wifi interconnected version will alarm as well as sending a signal to the Mobile APP.
  • DC3V Li battery powered. Battery life is up to ten years, no battery replacement within 10 years
  • Big test and Hush button and remote controller. The test button is larger than the traditional smoke alarm, and the button can be easily released in the event of a false alarm without tools.
  • Remote controller help to test & silence the alarms.

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